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We offer fun, dynamic, interactive group drumming and rhythm programs adapted to each client.  In every program, we provide each person with a drum or percussion instrument.  No experience is necessary.  Within minutes, your company, organization, or group will be playing drums, creating rhythms, and making music through their collective spirits.  And, we can accommodate groups up to 1000 and more.

"Awesome! . . .  You guys have a great idea going!"

--Steve Paccagnan, Vice President & General Manager,

Intrawest Colorado & Copper Mountain Resort


We specialize in providing interactive group drumming, drum circle and rhythm events, including:

  • Team Building and Corporate Training

  • Sports- Team Building Video
  • Conferences, Keynotes, and Retreats
  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Education
  • Personal and Spiritual Development
  • Community




Team Building and Corporate Training- Imagine your organization or team completely engaged in drumming, creating rhythms and making music together.  We facilitate and develop the drum circle and rhythm event as an experiential learning process.  In short, we enable people and groups to learn and process what they need in order to take the next step towards greater unity, spirit, and purpose.  The simple act of playing music together becomes a metaphor for how people work together as a team.  Group drumming breaks through language, educational, gender, organizational and cultural barriers that divide associates and employees.  People experience the power of  unity through diversity.   And, our corporate facilitators debrief experiences so that learning becomes a fun, interactive experience that empowers every individual to share their creative spirit while playfully releasing stress.  Whether the focus is leadership development, building team spirit, communication skills, conflict resolution, etc..., we adapt our programs to meet your objectives.  The result is improved morale, enhanced productivity, and higher performance with greater team creativity, purpose and energy


"Great!  Awesome energy and ability to

breakdown all egos and barriers."

--Karen Ponds, Director of Human Resources,

Intrawest Colorado & Copper Mountain Resort

Sports Teams- From high school to college and professional teams, rhythm is fundamental to sports.  We powerfully facilitate teams in stronger rhythms and connections while debriefing the process throughout the program. The result is greater team spirit, teamwork, and performance.  We also customize our programs to each team and issues specific to them and their season.  We have developed a coordinated series of programs, The Heartbeat of Champions, that progressively build teamwork, heart, and performance throughout the season.  And, we enable players and coaches to have fun and connect while facilitating the experience as a metaphor for how players and coaches work together as a team.  Ultimately, teams explore, discover, and connect with their Peak Rhythms.  Sports Team Building Video

Conferences, Keynotes, and Retreats- Whether an opening to a conference, a mid-meeting program, or a closing ceremony, our programs enable people to deeply connect with one another.  We provide fun, dynamic experiences at any stage of a conference and adapt the program to meet your goals.    

Healthcare and Wellness- We offer individual and a coordinated series of programs based on the Health Rhythms™ protocol, which has been scientifically researched and shown to provide direct physiological health benefits, including lowered levels of cortisol (corresponding to stress release) and increased activity in T1 Killer cells in the immune system.  For companies, the result is healthier employees and less sick leave.  Further, our coordinated six-week Health Rhythms™ programs are designed to lower employee turnover in high employee burnout workplaces.  Recently published Health Rhythms™ research programs have resulted in lowering employee turnover by nearly 20%, resulting in direct and substantial cost savings to companies.  The most recent research projects cost savings of $322,000 for the average acute care hospital based on Health Rhythms™ programs' lowering nurse turnover. 

Health Rhythms™ Research


Press Release for Research (November 2003)- Recreational Music Making Significantly Reduces Employee Turnover in Long Term Care Facility 

Press Release for Research (July 2004)- Study Finds Group Recreational Music Making Relieves Stress and Burnout in Nursing Students

Press Release for Research (February 2005)- Recreational Music Making Reverses Stress at a Genomic Level          

Education- An important part of our mission is to provide programs for educators and students.  We have facilitated many training and team building programs for administrators and educators.  We have also conducted many programs for students and children of all ages.  Our programs allow administrators, educators, and students to creatively express themselves in a fun, empowering atmosphere while experiencing multiple layered learnings.  Our programs include drums and instruments originating from diverse cultures.  We extend the metaphor to acknowledge all aspects of student diversity and then experience how the school community unites through rhythm.  We also include learnings about indigenous cultures, drumming, and rhythm.  Our programs develop communication skills and stimulate creative expression. We welcome every opportunity to deliver educational and school programs that focus on listening, sharing and supporting one another.   

Personal and Spiritual Development- We have facilitated many programs for personal and spiritual growth conferences and retreats.  Group drumming and ritual is a powerful means of healing and transformation.  When we see an individual's eyes light up with an awareness of a deeper personal and/or group connection, we feel fortunate to be a part of that process.  In fact, we hope that people experience that connection in every program.

Community-  As part of our mission, we regularly support and facilitate community drum circles and conduct programs with community based groups.  Our clients have included Big Brother/Big Sister programs, Advocates for Victims of Assault, Boys and Girls Clubs, homeless shelters, libraries, at risk youth, and more...  We believe that drumming and rhythm programs should be available and accessible to all people within the community.


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